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What is GMAT?

Center for American Studies (CAS) has the best GMAT training in Trivandrum, Kerala.  GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test) is accepted by most business schools and is widely used by graduate aspirants. GMAT tests students on Verbal, Quantitative, Integrated Reasoning, and Analytical Writing skills. Our GMAT preparation course trains students in relaxed test taking. We provide sufficient practice and orientation sessions under well-experienced GMAT trainers who are industry experts. We provide Live Online GMAT Training Course as well.

GMAT test score helps the business schools to analyze and assess candidates seeking admission. GMAT score is considered as a reflection of student’s eligibility mark for admission than their academic grades are. The candidate’s score and cancellations within last five years are also reported to the institution.

Since, 16th April 2018, the Graduate Management Admission Council has shortened the GMAT exam by 30 minutes. Now, the exam is of 3 hours and 30 minutes including test instructions and breaks.The Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative sections were shortened by 13 and 10 minutes respectively. The Integrated Reasoning and Analytical Writing Assessment along with the Score Preview and the optional break time remained the same. 

These changes do not have any impact on scoring in the shortened Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative sections as only the unscored items have been removed by the GMAC. GMAT has a feature that provides candidates with the flexibility to customize their GMAT experience by choosing the section order in which they feel most comfortable taking the exam.

Why take the GMAT Exam?

It is the most widely accepted exam for MBA admissions worldwide. No other exam has as wide acceptability as GMAT, as per the GMAC, globally 9 out of 10 MBA enrollments are made through GMAT Score. Further, 2,300 + schools accept GMAT Scores for giving admission. Also, there are 650 testing centers in 114 countries that administer the GMAT Exam.

What is the Eligibility criteria for the GMAT exam?


As such, there is no set eligibility criteria set by GMAC, the body conducting GMAT for appearing for the GMAT exam. However, one should always meet the eligibility criteria set by the university/college one aspires to get into after giving the GMAT.

Age Criteria

  • The candidate must have completed 18 years of age

  • There is no upper age limit of the candidate

  • If the candidate is between 13 to 17 years old, they should have permission in writing from their parents or legal guardian

Educational Qualification

  • GMAC has not announced any official statement regarding qualification required to appear for GMAT

  • Candidates who wish to enroll for an MBA programme should possess a graduate degree in any discipline from a recognized university

How is GMAT Score calculated?


Each of your five GMAT Scores i.e. 4 GMAT sections and the total score is reported on a fixed scale. These are your official scores that appear on your GMAT Score Report. Your selected score recipients will receive these scores. Always remember, that the GMAT Total Score Report includes Verbal and Quantitative scores and does not include any other section into account.

The GMAT Score Report comprises of these elements:

  • Your Quantitative Score (0 – 60), with percentile

  • Your Verbal Score (0 – 60), with percentile

  • Your Total GMAT Score (200 – 800), with percentile

  • AWA Score (half-integers from 0 to 6), with percentile

  • Integrated Reasoning score (integer from 1 to 8)

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